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​What if you could sample online marketing, risk-free?

​We guarantee that we will deliver top quality results for your online marketing project. Try a small sample project first to see what we can do for you. 100% money back if you’re not completely satisfied!

Buy a SEO Optimized Web Article

​SEO Optimized Article


​SEO Optimized articles are important for proving to Google and other popular search engines that you have a site worth ranking in search results. While anyone can stuff a blog article or content page full of keywords, only a skilled writer can create quality content that is attractive and useful for both humans and search engines. This project sample will provide you with an original SEO optimized article up to 350 words long on whatever subject you like.

Funnel Amp - Purchase a Sample Automated Email Campaign

Automated Email Campaign


​Automated email campaigns allow you to engage subscribers in a meaningful way. The convenience of an automated email campaign is that it fires as soon as a subscriber is added to your list and can be as short or long as you like. This sample project includes ​up to 5 automated emails based on a specific campaign ​goal (promotion, welcome, education, etc.), if you aren’t ​using an automated email service, we can set you up on Mailchimp for no additional charge.

Funnel Amp - Purchase a Sample Facebook Ad Campaign

​Facebook Ad Campaign Set-up


​This sample project is designed ​to get your next Facebook ad campaign off to ​a strong start. Funnel Amp will develop the base for a successful social media campaign by conducting in-depth target audience research, defining an appropriate campaign audience, designing up to four ads for your campaign, and running a test ​launch so you know which ads will convert best.

Funnel Amp - Purchase a Sample Marketing Chatbot

​​Sample Messenger Chatbot


​Chatbots represent the cutting edge of online marketing. With open rates far superior to email (as high as 80% or better) more and more businesses are deploying chatbots as an important part of their sales and lead funnels. This sample project provides you with a ​simple chatbot for Facebook Messenger. If you like the results of this sample, we can produce something more substantal for your business.

Funnel Amp - Purchase a Sample Opt-inn Sales Page

​Opt-in Landing Page


​Roughly 75% of businesses have a difficult time finding someone skilled to optimize landing page copy. Considering the significant increase in ROI that an optimized landing page can produce (200% or better), having a skilled designer and content creator on call is a great advantage. This sample project provides you with a self-hosted, SEO optimized opt-in page, with up to ​500 words in copy. We also install analytics software on your landing page to help you track results.

Funnel Amp - Purchase Online Marketing Bundle and Save!

​​Buy All 5 Samples, Save Over $​500


​This bundle order delivers all 5 samples to you at a savings of over $500. Combining ​these core services into a package creates a solid base for a complete marketing funnel. Each component can be expanded as needed to amplify ​results and progress. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee applies to each ​sample project individually, so if one ​project doesn’t happen to meet your approval, you can continue on with the rest of the bundle.

What Happens Next?

After you purchase your online marketing sample, ​​you'll be taken to a confirmation page inviting you to select a best day and time for a phone or Skype meeting. This is a brief brainstorming session to help us learn about your business and develop ​a strategy that will get the best results from your purchase.

If you like what we create for you, you’re welcome to hire us to work on a ​larger-scale project. If for any reason you're not 100% happy with the results of your online marketing sample, and we can't remedy the problem to your satisfaction, we return your payment, no hard feelings.

Who We Are

Funnel Amp is a full-stack online marketing and web development agency focused on increasing sales and leads for businesses like yours. We're more than a service provider, we're a partner invested in seeing you and your project succeed. Our goal is to work with each of our clients to create a better Internet by developing high quality content and better websites that your customers actually want to engage.


​Your Success is Our Success

​We treat your business like it's our own. If you succeed, we ​succeed too.

​Top Quality Content

​​Seasoned writers with advanced degrees work on your content writing projects.

​Full-Stack Development

​Over 15 years of web design and online marketing experience at your disposal.

What We Do

​As a full-stack developer Funnel Amp can take your online marketing project from idea stage to full launch, or fine-tune an existing marketing ​strategy to bring up its quality. Below are some of the core services we render to develop a top-shelf online marketing strategy:

​•Brand Design •Web Design •E-Commerce •​Researched White Papers •​Custom Lead Magnets •Long-Form Sales Copy •​Optimized Landing Pages •SEO Optimized Editorial Articles •Email Marketing Automation •Marketing Chatbots •Fully Managed Online Marketing Campaigns

​Have a ​question before you get started? We're happy to help!

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